• The Plura Rubidium series IE module is a stand alone Ethernet ‘mini server’.
  • Its basic function is the 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface.
  • IE- Module can be used to remotely configure all connected RUBIDIUM Series frames. 
  • Setup and configuration can be done intuitively.
  • No software has to be installed. All config menu can be   accessed with a standard web browser.              
  • Included in the standard configuration is a java enabled real time monitoring function, where all connected compatible RUBIDIUM modules can be monitored for status and errors.


    • Configuration of RUB modules via Ethernet
    • Real time monitoring of status
    • Failure relay
    • TC_link compatible
    • 10/100Base-T Ethernet

      Optional available features
      • SNMP functionality (option S)
      • NTP time server (option N)
      • NTP Time Client (option C)
      • MTD over Ethernet (option M)
      • Customized Data Input (option D)

        RUBIDIUM IE module in H1 housing

        RUBIDIUM IE module in H1 housing

        RUB1 IE module front

        RUB1 IE module front

        RUB1 IE module rear
        RUB1 IE module rear

        “IE” Windows/Mac configuration screen

      “IE” Windows/Mac configuration screen


    Optional available features
    • SNMP functionality (option S)
      The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) enables the interconnected Rubidium Time Code system to be monitored by a centralized network management software. All status and setup information can be queried for every module that is compatible and present in the system. The accordance to RFC 1065 (also known as SMI version 1) ensures compatibility with most publicly available SNMP management software systems. (Management software not included).
    • NTP time server (option N)
      Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a standard for synchronizing the real-time in networkbased computer systems. The NTP option enables the RUBIDIUM system to become a stand-alone NTP server. As a result, the computer time and the general studio time perfectly match.
    • NTP Time Client (option C)
      The NTP Client option enables the RUBIDIUM system to align the IP address of an external NTP Server as the real-time reference. As a result, any RUBIDIUM TimeCode generator is perfectly synced to the general computer time.
    • MTD over Ethernet (option M)
      MTD (Multi Time Display) is a studiotimer solution developed to deliver several information like countdown timers, difference timers, or timezones via the userbits of an LTC. With option M, MTD data isn’t bound to Timecode anymore and can be sent over local area network.
    • Customized Data Input (option D)
      The Data Input option enables you to feed additional data packages into the RUBIDIUM system directly over ethernet. That additional data could, e.g., be inserted into a video by a connected inserter module. Please conact us about your requirement.
  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: RUB IE
    Module description Ethernet interface module (10/100baseT)
    RUBIDIUM series 1 & 3 Ethernet Module

    IE-Options for  RUB 1 & 3

    IE-GGPS interface GPS receiver not included)
    IE-S SNMP functionality
    IE-N NTP Time Server
    IE-C NTP Time Client
    IE-M MTD over ethernet (option N is included)
    IE-D Data input, customized
    IE-R3 Timer Request Protocol (3 clients)
    IE-R10 Timer Request Protocol (10 clients)

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