TimeCode TC 60

LTC & VITC Time Code reader with serial interface.


    • The TC 60 CLS Series is equipped with built-in LTC readers, enabling the conversion of Time Code into serial data protocols.
    • The Time Code information can accurately be transferred to a PC.
    • When reading LTC; time, user and statusbits are simultaneusly being processed.
    • The frame rate (24, 25, 30, 30DF) is automatically identified and selected.    
    • The available interfaces are:
      1. RS232 interface.
      2. RS422 interface.
      3. USB interface.    
    • Selectable Baud rates (4800 to 38400) baud.
    • Different protocols are selectable by DIP switches:
      1. Time telegram "VCS".
      2. "Meinberg" standard protocol.
      3. DCF77 telegram.   
    • TC 60 shipped with an external power adapter.
  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: TC60
    Product description LTC & VITC reader box for real time synchronization of a PC, RS232, RS422 & USB Interface
    Synchronization & Timing Stand Alone System